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I love Mulder and Scully, they are my OTP since I was a child (now I'm 32) Actually I'm shipping Oliver and Felicity (Arrow) and Jon and Daenerys (Game of Thrones) among others. OLICITY FOREVER!
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Fuuuuuuuck this gif set is giving me the feels.


Omg, arrow is trending on tumblr!!! This is brilliant


Who the hell is this girl? Is Thea saying goodbye to her house ‘cause they don’t have money to pay it??? Help!

The essence of heroism is to die so the other people can live
Oliver said this in City of Blood promo. I’m sure he will try to kill himself to save the ones he loves. 

- Slade kidnaps Felicity

- Diggle ask the Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller for help.

- Laurel will fight her own demons agains Blood. I’m sure she will kill him.

- Slade takes Felicity to LianYu and Oliver goes there to rescue her (remember their pictures filming in the beach=island)

- Oliver will confront Slade and make the unthinkable: he will try to commit suicide to end this… remember what he said in the promo “sometimes you have to die to save the rest of the people” or something like that… OMG!

- Felicity will find the cure and inject Slade. Then Oliver will kill him… or not?

- HUGE Olicity moment and the fandom exploding. KISS!? ROMANTIC HUG?! FOREHEAD KISS?! Something!!!

- BUT then something is going to happen, REMEMBER IVO GAVE OLIVER A KEY WITH HIS “SECRETS” I think Felicity will find out that Ivo was her father and this is going to damage her relationship with Oliver. She will quit the team.

And then… Felicity’s backstory on Season 3. YES!

What do you think

Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver’s heart, Oliver is pushed to the edge and realizes sometimes it takes doing the unthinkable to stop the monster.
Slade is going to kidnap Felicity and bring her to the island. That’s why they were filming there!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

“OLIVER MUST DECIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL IF HE’S A KILLER OR A HERO — Slade (Manu Bennett) moves forward with his plan to kill one more person in Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) life. While Oliver has fought all year to be more than the killer he once was, when Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver’s heart, Oliver is pushed to the edge and realizes sometimes it takes doing the unthinkable to stop the monster. Meanwhile, Diggle (David Ramsey) takes on Amanda Waller (guest star Cynthia Addai-Robinson) with a little help from some friends, and Thea (Willa Holland) turns to Roy (Colton Haynes) in her time of need. John Behring directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti and teleplay by Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. The season two finale “Unthinkable” will air on May 14.


I take this as a yes lol :D l




Of course the most popular gifset in the tag arrow is Olicity. Moira Queen died, Roy killed someone and Oliver had a baby, but nope, two seconds of interaction between your *****otp****** is what interests you. 
I hate how shippers reduce any show to vapid romance. If they want romance, they could read a chick lit instead of obsessing over romance in a plot centric show.

People can create all the gifsets they want about the topics they want. Just think about what makes people do gifs: emotions, feelings, love… I don’t have the mood to create a gif of Roy killing someone or one about Moira dying BUT I will do 1000 about my ship. It’s good to spread love instead of pain, don’t you think? Anyway, you are free to do them if you want.