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I love Mulder and Scully, they are my OTP since I was a child (now I'm 32) Actually I'm shipping Oliver and Felicity (Arrow) and Jon and Daenerys (Game of Thrones) among others. OLICITY FOREVER!
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You don’t know how much I miss you guys


What’s interesting about the villain in season three is that he doesn’t necessarily disagree with [Oliver]. He doesn’t have any personal animus towards the Arrow
What if the BIG VILLAIN is Ray Palmer but we don’t know it until the end of the season?
Palmer, according to Kreisberg, will have a same personality with Felicity: energetic and fun-loving. Will he be a threat to Oliver or a trigger for him to be more expressive in his declarations of love?
Oliver-Felicity story to blossom
Love to see this headlines… (sigh.)


They giving us dofus Oliver.

Then they will give Felicity a hot boyfriend, who is better than Oliver in every way, and the rest of the famdom will begin shipping ‘Raylicity’.

They make us want to relish in Oliver’s man pain.

But what if at the end of Season 3, everything remains unresolved for…

Darling they resolve season 3 in the first episode: Olicity date, do you need more proof?

We are doing something that I am incredibly excited about. Myself and Keto Shimizu, one of the writers on the show, we are going to write “Arrow Season 2.5,” and we are going to bridge the end of Season Two with the beginning of Season Three. And we’re going to answer questions. We’re going to introduce characters. And because it’s being written by me and another member of the staff, it will really fill in some major gaps.
Mark Guggenheim
Ray is basically the smartest person on our show. The guy’s a scientist. He’s an inventor. He’s basically brilliant, and he has plans that go beyond his designs on Queen Consolidated. He actually has an agenda that will impact all of Starling City.
Can’t wait!!!
I always imagined you saying that under different circumstances…. Very platonic circumstances
Two years later they are not THAT platonic after all. WE WIN!!!!!
There’s a great scene between her (Laurel) and Felicity in Episode 3 that we never could do in the last two seasons.
Of course! Because Laurel is going to admit to Felicity that Oliver Queen doesn’t love her anymore… She is going to tell her that Oliver loves Felicity!!!

I have asked this to Stephen Amell on Facebook. Please! Press LIKE so he maybe answers!!! X

…when he (Oliver) and Felicity do go on that date.


***7 hours have passed and THIS is the only thing I have in my mind***


Andrew Kreisberg on the Olicity date.

Oliver babbling

Oliver babbling