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I love Mulder and Scully, they are my OTP since I was a child (now I'm 32) Actually I'm shipping Oliver and Felicity (Arrow) and Jon and Daenerys (Game of Thrones) among others. OLICITY FOREVER!
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Behind every good man is a strong woman.

The way Felicity is looking at Oliver in this picture kills me over and over again… Just thinking how he is going to look her back…

olicity stills [3x01 - the calm]


Thanks for trying Roy but this fucking bomb will blow up our amazing Olicity date…

Do you know what I need during this scene???

THIS (open the pic)

Me after that:

Ok, at least I want Felicity to calm him down touching his knee like this:


Oliver & Felicity new stills!!! 3x01 “The Calm” 


Arrow - Season 2 - Gag Reel


sometimes I just stop and think about the way Oliver looks at Felicity and I just sgahsjaksnskagskfjeurjdnsms

We cannot doubt the depth of her feelings because Felicity will have other love interests in S3. Those love interests exist not because Felicity doesn’t love Oliver. They exist because Felicity believes she can’t HAVE Oliver. She’s simply trying to move with her life, with a severely broken heart, as best she can. And Oliver is trying to let her go. The question is…will Felicity be able to move on? Should she? That’s the journey. That’s the struggle. This season isn’t about Felicity deciding if she loves Oliver. Felicity knows she loves Oliver. It’s about Felicity deciding IF LOVE IS ENOUGH.

Jen  jbuffyangel - Interesting insights on Olicity - Season 3


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I’m not OK with these two looking at each other like this when they are not Oliver and Felicity… **sobbing**

I’m not OK with these two looking at each other like this when they are not Oliver and Felicity… **sobbing**


Here is a little over the first minute of bloopers! Hopefully this will tide you guys over until you can buy it yourselves or someone with more computer skills uploads the whole thing in better quality. All footage belongs to CW! (ps I follow back other Arrow blogs!!)

love it, thanks!

Arrow The complete second season DVD release:

→ Stephen Amell & Emily Bett Rickards on the season 2 Gag reel.

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I just want to see Felicity sitting on her couch in her apartment. Making a cake or something – that’s what I want her to do. I like the boring shit like seeing her taking off her earrings. We always see Felicity done.
Part of Emily Bett Rickards’ response to the question “Would you like to be more involved in the superhero side of things?” in this Den of Geek interview (via athenaagron)


Arrow Promo Season 3 - Calle 13 (Spanish TV)

This is freaking perfect

Now you have one more excuse to love Spain and it’s people (aka ME)

This is the Arrow Season 3 Promo in Calle 13 Channel…